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Reasons Why You Should Join Leazott.com Family Website

Join Us

Why you should join...
Well, lets see...

How about the number one reason?
You're a Leazott.
So this is the place for you!

But in case you need more,
Try these...

YourName@Leazott.com-What better way is there to say who you are than this?
A personalized and well presented introduction that speaks for itself in a professional manor.
An email account with yourname@Leazott.com can announce you as a serious inquisitor.
There's no guesswork when you look the name (Yes, it can be hyphenated for married names).
Be seen as mature and credible from the start when sending important resume's and letters.

Use YourName@Leazott.com to register at any website you join.

Why is that so important? Many reasons...

You decide whether to use it for your everyday/main email, task-specific emails, or a redirect email.
Each have some very important ways to use, and can be used alone or in concert with other methods.

Everyday/main is pretty obvious. In addition to it's presence, there are very strong control features.
It also gives you personal management tools like calendar & address book.

Task specific is for announcing your name on important emails to someone before they've opened it.
Some uses might be for job related, interviews, inquiries of a professional nature, etc.

Redirect email can be the most useful tool of all for this mailbox.
With re-direct, there's no more remembering old passwords or email accounts for websites you join.
If you ever change your internet provider, your memberships wherever you join still stay intact!
Just one re-direct change at yourname@Leazott.com to your new ISP and all your email goes there!
Have any website re-send your login info to the same address after years of non-use.
USPS mail can't even do that!

Other Advantages:
Make it a "trash-dump" for 3rd party emails after registrations-Optiontal automatic "dump-all emails"!
For wi-fi locations who's security you're unsure of so you don't put your main email accounts at risk.

A web page at www.Leazott.com/YourName to match with the email's name.
A place to post your family history storyline, share with the rest of the family about yourself.
Use it as an archaeological source of names and pictures for future relative family tree makers!
Add links to your other web pages so even more info or contact links can be found!

Family contacts all in one main place.
Whether new ones yet to meet, old ones to staying in contact, or those not yet here.
Get to know more family more easily. Post your contact info for them to find you.
You might even be able to help or get help finding the unknown wherabouts of relatives.

Family Events calendar!!

One is just getting started, and will probably be upgraded if the need is warranted.
Just fill out the form on the events page and get your info posted to it!
Hopefully, it should make the who-what-when-where info available in an instant!

Family reunions or get togethers of any size.
From small family BBQ's to weddings, to large celebrations or even funeral notice's.
It just may be that you'll be out somewhere and have a chance to meet distant relatives!
Big or small, let your family know on the calendar-They're interested, even when they can't go!

Family geneology buffs will welcome a specific niche like this!

Our family name is a small clan.
It makes so much more sense for us to meet here instead of paying for big site monthly fees.
There's just not enough time on those sites to collect data. Here, it'll stay for all once posted.
Big site members come & go through time because of their high monthly costs.
Though posted in those ads, their emails change, contact and the possible info is then lost.

Monthly callouts in the "L-Pages" on various historical family members.
Each month, another part of our heritage is examined and catalogued into the family album.
You can download all past entrys to catch up with everyone else, then read at your own pace.

Another calendar idea is also being planned (This one for the geneology buffs).
Birthdays of any ancestor on the calendar, with a link to a page about them.
Whether it's to your own page that you create or just one you are aware of, small or large.

Monthly newsletters
Any new geneology info posted by members will be linked so you don't miss it!
Newly joined persons info get added to the newsletter emails and can make contact.
It's a nice short intro, and can get you started for both local and afar family friendships.
New info and website updates about features or improvements that are added each month!

Software Downloads!!
Office, science, geneology, anti-virus programs....and more!
Now of course this hasn't anything to do with the family surname...
But you did find this site on a computer or phone, so you just may have a use for these.
This collection of software may be of use to many. Browse around and use what you need.
There are several operating systems or platforms-Windows, Linux & Mac of various flavors.
More can be added if they're wanted. Webspace well spent!

And you may even have some reasons that weren't even listed yet....
Maybe it's something not yet thought of, so say why here,

L for Leazott.com

Family Tree And Website

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