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L-Page Links To Family Ancestor Heritage Information

Welcome To The L-Pages!
Links Added Monthly.

Who we are is largely a matter of perspective.
Whether you consider yourself a Leazott, Lizotte, or any other variable...
Who you are is all in how you see it.

The first of the L-Pages was chosen as the lead page deliberately, and with good reason.
Make sure your software is loaded, and read  Melvin & Melvina Leazott 1848-Unknown

The fact of the matter is, no matter how you spell it, we all came from the same genes.
There's still much debate as to which was used first, but these pages may have the answer!
Can't say just yet... Partly for suspense(!), and partly because it needs a bit more research.

Curiously, sometimes the spellings have changed from one generation to the next.
But most baffling of all, are the variations within a single family having several spellings.

There have been a few instances of this cited.
Various members of a same household with different spellings of the same last name.
Surely there has to be some rational explanation for this!? ...Or is there?

No absolute reasoning for the changes, whether subtle or dramatic have ever been found.
It can only be speculated on as to what prompted so many changes, and so widespread.

Seemingly, most occured during a time when most of life was spoken instead of written.
So there may not have been such an importance levied upon it, or maybe not a need.
There was no mail order, no online registrations, no credit card companys.
Most business was conducted locally, so you knew who you were dealing with.

It might well be that each new generation was to be distincted from it's previous on purpose.
In order that they be measured by their own deeds and not according to their fathers name.
Perhaps an effort to salvage ones children from not so wonderful acts of their elders?

No matter the reasoning as to why, this may be their reasoning as to how.
Who knows for sure?

It may even be that quite the opposite is true.
Whether the result of being spelled out phonetically by multiple transcribers,
or the indifference toward a young member as they eagerly cast out on their own...
Was it the simple result of various historian languages in these records?

It would be easy to imagine an old world ancestors inability to read and write well...
But a good look into our heritage would cast much doubt on that.
Throughout old world history, we have been in some prominent circles or leadership.
We also did quite well at business ventures in the early days of the past.

Some also married quite well too, which lends credibility that their education needs were met.
Marrying during those times into contract weddings was a standard practice for the privileged.
Had our kin been illiterate or lacking in prominence, their weddings would not have taken place.

So it doesn't follow that these changes would have been accidental or meaningless in their time.
But whether the answers as to what caused them can still be found, is another matter altogether.

As we came forward in time, some stood out, and did much for the start of the "New France".
Some also defended it against the mighty British of Boston when they came to attack!
The result was that Quebec stayed in french hands when many felt the days seemed numbered.

Some eventually left the settlement and went south through New York and into Maine.
Those are the start of the bloodlines for those of us living here in the US.
Those are our family.

Join us each month in the "L" pages to see what we've done and where we've been

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The Pages Of L History
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