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Email Mailbox Purchase Terms-Conditions & Criteria For Use

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The following is a copy/paste from the form text block.
It's copied to here for easier reading.
You may also use the text block scrollbar if you prefer.

Agreement Terms:

Check the box below to continue after reading all of the following terms and conditions.

By purchasing this account, you are stating that you are of legal age to enter into binding contracts.

You agree to the following terms and conditions for using the email address at leazott.com

These terms or conditions may also be updated at any time by the owners of the website whenever revisional needs are seen as warranted.

At the first purchase and at each renewal, this agreement must be completed and sent by you through this website.

Payment will be in full before the mailbox is made available.
Several electronic types & USPS money orders accepted.
Cancelation of service is non-refundable due to payment fees and other costs incurred.

If the payment is discovered to be fraudulent, the services will be canceled after discovery.

Account renewal payment emails will be sent prior to renewal dates with ample time alloted for payment.
If renewal payment is not made before the scheduled date, it will be taken as a non-renewal has been elected, and the account will be deleted accordingly before the name is made available again.
This means that all emails in holding as well as contacts will be discarded also in preparation for the next purchaser.

This agreement is to provide an internet website mailbox only, and does not come with any internet service or internet connection or phone services at all.
No other services are included or implied.

You will need to supply your own services for connection to the internet in order to use this mailbox.

Any costs or fees incurred for internet, phone or other usage or services to connect you to the mailbox are your own responsibility, and are not to be affiliated with leazott.com in any way whatsoever either wholely or in part.

You are wholely responsible for any uses of your email account, it's security and it's privacy.
You are wholely responsible for it's content sent, and agree not to hold any website owners, members, or affiliates responsible for your actions whether intentional or accidental.

You will not post any obscene, hate, or anti-religious content in any area that members may see.

Search engines have the ability to find any website page and discover its content, no matter how private the site is.
There is no area on this website that is considered private to any one user, all postings are considered public.

You are responsible for any content you post, and agree not to post controversial or disturbing topics.
If at any time an issue arises in regards to subject matter, you will inform leazott@leazott.com for review.

If you do not wish to have your link included for other members to see, you must send notification in writing to leazott@leazott.com

You may not collect the addresses of other members for any purpose other than for geneological connections.
You agree not to harrass, intimidate, or to bully any member in any way at any time.

Email names that may falsely give the impression or illusion of an affiliation to this website or in any way present a cause or movement of any kind, or related to controversial or offensive topics are not allowed.

Renewals are at the sole discretion of the website owner, and may be declined for any reason or issue.

If at any time your use or conduct becomes a problem to any other members or if any misuse places this website, owners, members, or affiliates at risk, your mailbox will be removed, suspended or terminated without compensation.

Removal guidelines are at the sole discretion of this website.
There is no appeal process, and will be no reinstatement for anyone that has misused this website in any way.

Use of this email address for spamming or for unsolicited business purposes will result in mailbox removal from this site. It consumes resources and is costly to all members.

By submitting this form, you agree to all of its content, both in part and whole.

Do not click send until you fully understand all the clauses stated above.

Thank you.

L for Leazott.com

If you have questions,
send an email.

 You signify that you are of legal age to enter into this agreement.
 You signify that your surname is or has been Leazott by blood or marriage.


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