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Family Surname Evolution-Lizotte Lazott Leazott Leazotte Lezott

Who we are...
Where we came from...
Where we're going.

Who we are is largely a matter of perspective.
Who are you? A Lazotte, Leazott, Leazotte, Lesot, Lisot, Lissott, Lissotte, Lizot, Lizotte?
Are we all the same seed, or are we seperate? Well, it's all in how you see it.

The odds are high that we probably all came from the same ancestor pool.
The L-Page links will hopefully show you when and where these changes all took place!

There have been various spellings along the way, since the very start of our ancestry.
But be assured, no matter the spelling, the bloodlines are from the very same ancestors.
Finding all this while reseaching the family tree was very astonishing to say the least!

Where and when did these changes start to take place?
When viewing the charts, the timing of these changes are clear, but why were they done?
The records show beyond any doubt that all spellings originated from one family.

Curiously, sometimes the spellings changed randomly during or between generations.
But most baffling of all, are the variations within single families of several siblings.

Where did they go?
What drove them to travel across the globe to unseen lands? Why go further once there?
As newly arrived immegrants, how were their needs to be met in this New France?

There's so much to see & learn, please join us as we explore our heritage!!
Find out who you really are...
Read the "L" pages each month and unveil another historic family member!

L for Leazott.com

Family heritage members
are chosen each month for narratives
then added to the family tree software.


Family Tree And Website

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