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Leazott.com Website History

Some context about this website for those that are interested...

The original purchase of the domain name was on July 28 2001.
Computers were in fashion and websites were popping up everywhere.
Though I had no expierience in either one at the time...
For personal reasons, it just seemed like the thing to do.

On the surface, the site laid mostly dormant for many years.
It was used only for emails and to have the name available on the web for other Leazott's to find and to make contact if they were interested.

Time never seemed to make itself available for working on the site.
Only a few pages full of hopes & dreams were ever made.
An email arrived asking to take over the site since it wasn't being used.
Years passed...

L for Leazott.com

Then it begins to materialize...
Finally, in late March of 2015...
It was offered as an idea for a visual qualification of a resume' objective to one of my youngest family members.
As in, something to impress a prospective employer firsthand-during an interview about having related web skills.

They declined, having never done a project of this size and feeling naturally uncertain about what web-mastering and web-authoring might entail, plus the amount of time it would take to build and maintain, and some other concerns.

So in an effort to get the ball rolling, and to show that web design is not something we actually need to study for, and that a determined mindset is the principle tool one should possess in order to make some mark upon this earth, it quickly grew into a usable and interactive, albeit bare bones and mostly informational format by early April of 2015.

By then it had the ability for others to join the site, with each having a Leazott.com email address mailbox & page.
The searchable by state member listing had email links to any member plus "email all" to each state & whole nation.
It also had working software downloads, plus a website news & info section regarding site direction...and more...

There's nothing overly scientific or complicated about todays programs, but the time and dedication are needed.
And that's why on the upper right of the header bar there's the April 2015...It's "usable & interactive start date".

More to be added at a later date...
Time is still at a premium!

Soon to come...
L Logo...
Our Family. Our Website....

Thank you for reading,


Family Tree And Website

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