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Research Help Links-Genealogy Family History Pages Information

Research Subjects And Help Page Links
This page is being developed with the intent to help both user as well as website.
The idea is to collectively improve a knowledge of our family history for all.

Links will be added below as necessary for both user and site genealogy needs.

You can suggest an area of research need relating to our family tree.
Small or large, any topic of interest, so long as it relates to our familys history.

Current areas of special interest are listed below, and readers are invited to join in.
Any knowledege or information about the topics below are always welcome.

Topics, as always, include any and all known spelling forms of Leazott.
La Zotte, Lazot, Lazott, Lazotte, Le Zotte, Leazott, Leazotte, Lesot, Lezott, Lezotte,
Lisot, Lisotte, Lissot, Lizette, Lizzette, Lizot, Lizott, Lizotte, Lizzotte, Lozott, Lozotte,
Lysaught, Lyzott, Lyzotte (And many more...)

Other names like Leagott, Leagotte, Leavitt, Leavott included by extension of course.
Plus some found, but not yet understood variables are Lazette, Lizette, and Lizzette.

If you can help with these or others not yet listed, then please send an email.

L for Leazott.com

Ongoing Special Projects:

Start Here
Many people are already waiting for upload, this helps show where to put the efforts!
Pre-made form to show parents/grandparents/etc for fast placement.
Include any document links or scans for verification.

Help Identify People Places & Things
Sometimes a disconnected/random name appears while researching another person.
These can lead to additional lineages that can be published if identified.
You may know the parentage or descendants of these.

Mystery Photos
Help is needed to identify people, dates and places you may have seen elsewhere.
You might recognize some clues that will contribute leads in determining them.
Readers are invited to submit their own images for on-page publishing as well!

January 1777, Canada: Quebec To La Pocatiere & Riviere Ouelle
Looking for names of family members dying along the Sainte Laurent during that time.
Of particular interest are those that died in Dec, Jan, Feb, their township and ages.
Young or old deaths during the early American Revolutionary War Period.

Donate Family Members Genealogy Family Tree Photos & Document Items
Many times people aren't interested in the genealogy work of the deceased parents.
Sometimes elderly pass on in nursing or rest homes have pictures and no relatives.
Helping them live on through posted memorabilia is a wonderful tribute to them!

Photos, certificates, awards and newspaper clippings are very interesting to readers!
Everyone here would be eternally grateful for any items saved from being discarded.
Heretage is invaluable to family, yet worthless to anyone else. Please help us save it!

Whether it's computer files, photo's, a yearbook, or an old ticket stub-It matters!
It'll be scanned or photographed for transfer to these family pages for enjoyment!
Please think about doing some good with their items that let their memory live on.

Every photo and document saved can help tell a little piece of their life story...
From places they've been and people they've known to accomplishments they made.

Our basic rule is this...
If it was important enough for them to save it...
Then it's important enough for us to keep saving it.

Use the link above to send emails for information on how to post, or where to mail.
Thanks so much for your help!

Persons Of Interest

Nazaire Lizotte


Family Tree And Website

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