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Leazott Family Tree Photo & Document History Upload Page-Free

Upload your photos and documents of old family members.
Post them online here at the family website for all to see and enjoy for years to come!
Link album pictures to your webpage and other uses.
Posting them here helps insure availability for future Leazott generations.

Uploaded documents & pictures saved to the ancestors album for easy finding & linking.
Helpful family genealogy information in an easy to use format.

The uploader will handle up to five files at once (Depending on your internet connection).
Recognized formats are .jpeg, .jpg, .png, .gif, .txt, .xls, .doc, .ppt ("Possibly" others, try them).
Allowable file sizes up to 100kb

Members can use the uploader...(This is to help prevent spammers)
Click here to upload files.
Click here to view files after upload.
Click here to view the full album.

Non-Members can still use the email submission form below...
If you feel more comfortable using a standard email type submission, use the one provided here.
Type in any information know about the people in the photo or document.
Be as complete as you can. Enough space is provided for thorough descriptions.
It will be uploaded for you when recieved.
Thanks for your help!

L for Leazott.com


Family Tree And Website

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