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Leazott.com Members Password Help-Family Tree-Email-etc

Welcome To The Password Help Page!
Read below if you need help logging into the website.

There is only one way to enter member password areas.
There are only several ways to get there:
1) The "Website Login" link at the top right corner of every page.
2) The menu dropdown link through "Members/Website Login".

Let's explore that just a bit...
Though each locked page has a login block, it won't work if accessed from that page.
Users cannot directly enter a locked page, until after using the login page first.
After entering through the login page, users can then access the entire site normally.
(See update below)

Password Update:
The page password entry system worked as noted above when it was written...
Since then, the settings have been modified for a more direct user access.

Enter your username & password when entering any member page for the first time.
After that, it's no longer needed unless you leave the site or clean your browser.

If you cannot enter a page directly for some reason, try the method described above.
Entering through the main login page will work when the correct information is used.

There are no "cookie settings" made to this site.
Enableing them on your computer may have an effect we're previously unaware of.

If any user ever has an issue with website or email passwords send an email quickly!
Generally it will be an all or nothing issue with passworded pages.
But certain pages can be a bit trickier than others.

Change Your Email Password Here

Further Assistance:
If you need assistance regaring your email login or password:
Send an email describing as much of what you see on your screen as possible.
Include yourname@Leazott.com.

Thank you.

L for Leazott.com

Family Tree And Website

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