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Leazott.com Website Newsletter-Family Tree Genealogy History

Focus On Progress                                                             Published Monthly
Monthly Newsletter Update
                                                               2020 06 01

Moving Forward...

What Went On Last Month?
"At Risk For Loss" type items were/are being tended to first with immediate attention.
Accessing any available "Source/1st-Hand" information whenever available is always a priority.

More ancestor lines were followed and new persons added to the family tree for "initial intake".
Then as each spouse is determined, their heredity is also included to widen the tree as well!

An ongoing/daily need for "census sorting time" still exists and will for many months to come.
There are several areas of need for each in order to make them usable/available for all.

IT work is always of critical importance and requires more time than expected due to its volume.
The secondary/older data equipment continues to excede expected results and savings!
The Family Tree Demo pages were given minor updates. Click the link to see how!

There's so much more, but not enough page space!!...

What's Planned For Future Months?

The same basic plan with IT/Computer work leading, then later moving treework back to the front.
Current workplan: Improve the existing tree, file collections and find inexpensive storage space.

Census sorting folder work continues... Most descriptors are in place. It's basically a numerical index.
Approximately 25,000 census folders are currently finished or ready for the next phase of sorting.

More "Founding Documents" work.... The Constitution Ammendment image hover links are finished!
The transcription pages for each are now made and awaiting wording and document print-links.

Census pages news: You can now access each year directly from every pages header dropdown links!
"Census CD Balloon/Bubble Descriptors" will be worked on later and used for similar purposes.

Monthly Backups... these items will remain here as a checklist for admin monthly progress.
An important excercise for any website or even private family tree. Showing it here for a reminder!

How Will All This Help Users?
Scheduling the time for various efforts here is the attempt mechanism to ensure well rounded results.
Automatization and separation have freed even more resources to meet swifter publication goals.

The folder work is the basis of the sorting of census records into useful and searchable methods.
In finding census documents, the more known information-the better! (Year/State/County)

Having census links at the top every page helps you get to what you need from wherever you're at.
This is helpful users who need to purchase multiple CD's of various areas.

By posting images of "The Founding Documents", users can then read what was actually written.
With todays "meme-based-facts", these documents are becoming less understood than ever!

Genealogy 101-The Basics...

Whether novice, enthusiast or professional, we all need guidance and direction from time to time.
That's what this section is about... Simple reminders about family tree and genealogy basics.

A New Article Each Month Helping Readers With Their Genealogy Studies.
This Months Lesson: #68 Finding Headstones In Unfamiliar Cemeterys

Monthly Reports, Demos & More...

Monthly progress updates, count and information for The Family Tree Report and The Census Report
If you'd like to see the web portion of the tree software used here Try The Family Tree Demo

When you're ready to add the support to do your own verifying, purchase the census files on CD's.
Because verifying is the key to accuracy, and accuracy is what makes your tree valid.
Good luck, have fun and enjoy!

Newest Pages...

Family Tree Quicklist
- Updated Monthly (Link at top of every page)
View the list of names currently posted from the larger family tree database.

L'Zot News And Accomplishments
(All spellings)!
Links to information and success stories around the world!

Tip Of The Month
is a helpful consise message built for fast-paced learning.
Short topic explanations in hover-balloons to advance your knowledge in minutes!
Based on the expieriences learned here, posted to help readers accelerate their learning.

Historic documents and images have been added to the research section.
These are United States Founding Documents and artworks depicting events.
A heart pounding assortment of images made possible by the hard work of NARA.

Cause of Death
is a list of common reasons on death certificates.
Included are "Contibutory Cause" definitions that are listed on forms.
Terminology changes over time. These help modern users to understand.

Improving The Website...

Sometimes, it may take days and days just to make a very small item work properly on the web.
With each improvement comes much "Behind the scenes" work and a real sense of accomplishment.
So this is the where even minor adjustments get to shine in the spotlight for their 15 minutes of fame!

Genealogy 101 Lessons
One-Click Opinions!
Every lesson now has an easy way to help give direction!

All Census Page Link
info is being added-Searching made easier!
There are over 25,000 census folders, so this will be an ongoing project.

Holiday Family Tree Access
(Link is also in the header and drop-down box)
Specifically timed for the holidays traditionally spent with other family members.
Elders can share with young about earlier generations so they're not easily forgotten!

As ideas and knowledge grow, so will the site.
Share some input!

That's the low-down on what's-up!
Thanks for reading,


L for Leazott.com

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Family Tree And Website

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