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Leazott.com Family Website News & Information Links

These are links to some of the main pages of interest.
Feel free to use the drop-down menu tabs at the top for many more.

Monthly Newsletter-For Up To Date/Website Progress And Family Tree Info.
Always the most current website info with helpful genealogy tips.
Easily the most important starting point for all!
Make sure to see it each month!

Monthly Genealogy Articles
Basic information on topics to help you do the research to build your own family tree.
This is an ongoing project with tips for beginers as well as advanced enthusiasts.
Read all from the archives and catch up on what you've been missing!

Census Files Available On CD's By Year & State
Enumerations by year and state help to verify what you suspect to be your ancestors.
By validating your data, your tree becomes historical fact-Not just another "hunch".
Photographs of individual pages so as not to require large computer resources.
High quality viewer with excellent clarity at zoom level magnifications.

Mail Boxes With Your Own "name"@leazott.com Are Available!
Probably the coolest no-gimmick thing you've ever been offered on the internet.
Email your friends or business affiliates and look official...How cool is that?
Proceeds help to keep this website online with contact info pages and more for us all.
Must verify to be a Leazott now or previously to qualify for mailbox eligibility.

Member Pages!...(Demo Link)
Member page links are here!
Each member can now have their own page for contact or storyline info to have posted there.
It can be open to the public, private to yourself, or passworded to site members only.
The page use is for searchable public contact info and geneology posting (Pictures, documents, etc).
Other methods of genealogy use can be a firsthand writeup story of your family and some pictures!.
A link to your page will also be under the state you live in for other members to find and view.
Other uses are not approved.

The member pages landing area is for members only (No link for non-members).
So here's a short description...(Demo link above)
Breakdowns are by state to find other member pages faster.
There is an email form on the page for members to send information they want posted.
It also has an attachable link for pictures, pdf's, text files, etc.

Free Downloads in the member area!
Be sure to see the downloads page for some helpful software.
Things like science, genealogy, fun, office suites, pdf makers, computer & website tools available!
Everything from uesful to whimsical, and from learning to daydreaming.
More can be added. If you'd like certain topics, just describe what you're looking for.
Worth joining just for that!

Upcoming Events!
Invite family to an upcoming BBQ or get together, or just to tell others about a function!
Broke down by states, so you can see what's within traveling distance.
There can also be a scroll through list added if there's intrest for that type shown.
(Upcoming Event Page is still under construction, email if you need to list something-Available Soon!)

Report a Bug
Click the bug link at the top to report any broken links, problems or difficulty in navigating the pages.
Anything that makes this site a better expierience for users is welcome...Especially corrections!
From page look & color changes to new pages...If it's an improvement, it'll be looked at!

Brief Info You May Find Useful Or Helpful...
Though the site is just getting started, much is planned, and pages are being added regularly.
Building a website does take a lot of time, work, and dedication, so please be patient as we grow.

The framework of a larger working site is more important than just a few flash-in-the-pan pages.
Bright lights and whistles don't really do anything for you other than let you read about this site.
Because of this, most pages are routinely started with just the basics and no "pizazzz".
Information and the ability to interact with one another are the prime focus of this site.
The site will advance over time, but for now its "Function Over Fashion"...Thanks for understanding.

This site is scheduled to be maintained until at least 2021.
If there seems to be enough intrest at that time, then another 10 years will be added.

Website Trends
Help guide this sites future!
Your input is helpful in determining its course.
Send an email telling what kinds of uses you'd like to see here that may be of interest to you.

Computer Basics 101

Be protective of your computer.
Free Anti-Virus Programs for members in the Software Downloads Section.
Many other tools and utilities there too.

Be sure to update the settings on your browser to show the newest pages.
Incorrect settings on your computer may not allow you to see newer/changinged page content.
Pages would appear the same as the last or first time you were here.

For Internet Explorer (IE), from the dropdown tabs at the top, go to:
Tools/Internet options...
Then choose the Settings Button...
Then the "Every time I visit the webpage" choice.
Restart your computer for the changes to take effect.
Or you can refresh your browser on any page to be sure.


L for Leazott.com

Family Tree And Website

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