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Leazott.com Website Mission Statement & Future Development Goals

Mission Statement:
(Short version)
To create the best website possible.

Now here's why & how...The whole story...

The Rational...

The Need...

Many of our lineage are truely interested or curious about their heritage.
The time & finances needed to stay joined to broader based family tree website is cumbersome.

While many free informational sites do exist, they may each only have partial information.
That information must be collected and reasoned against other sites information.

A more complete family tree in an interconnected format at an afforable cost is needed by all.
This site has the ability and intention to fulfill that need.

The Benefit...

By collecting and recording information to within the realm of a single site, much is to be gained.

Children can then be shown quickly about their heritage in a more family oriented environment.
Outside factors such as advertising or other variables can be omitted for better family focusing.
Family input can be taken to an entirely new level of commitment.

The whole of the collected data has the ability to outweigh genealogy sites because of its simplicity.
It is focused only on Leazott's, and those married to or children coming from any Leazott's.
Virtually every link in the tree can be a close family connection.

More Needs & Benefits...

Another item of near necessity, is the ability to instantly upload important photo's & documents.
The simplicity of uploading a picture and the desire to share it, is more likely to happen if it's easy.
The more photos & documents shared, the more complete the record is of our familys existance.

In addition to the need for heritage info, there is the everyday need for email.
These are enhanced greatly by personalized accounts to create a presence whenever emails are sent.
This helps transform the mundane necessities of life into powerful and useful personal intoductions.

The Guidelines...

The Criteria...
Most pages on this website are for public use, some are passworded for private use only.
Private pages can be accessed only by Leazott family members that have joined the site.
Email addresses can only be had by persons bearing the surname or hyphenated name of Leazott.

Broad Based Plans...

The Solution...
Evolution is the key to this website's mission.
As any project transitions from idea toward reality, many changes are bound to occur.
Sometimes they're due to new or additional ideas, others by environmental factors and parameters.

The starting goals of this website are only a begining, and not limited in scope or change.
User needs will have a great impact on any new or emerging goals.

Whether a particular idea is worth its cost or not can only be determined by each individual user.
But where more services can be added for no additional price cost, it's other factors will be weighed.
If time, morality and other factors have no objections, then it will be accepted and incorporated.

The Future...

Where Do We Go From Here?...
Where this all leads is anybodys guess.
While the list of goals may take time, they will eventually become a reality for all that join.

First Term Goals:
To be able to view an accurate family tree with scans of historical photo's and documents.
To have a place for all Leazott's to gather or store information on past and current members.
To be able to do this at a reasonable cost for all who join.
To avoid the contact's-post-and-disapear results of those costly sites.
To have the information, pictures and documents be available for long terms.
To be able to repost information without restrictions.
To have verifiable source information of document accuracy for determining pedigrees.
To provide the ability to easily upload photos and documents to individual and family albums.
To have faster loading page speeds without unnecessary ads using the information space.

To allow living members to be able to place their own contact information for other Leazott's to find.
To be able to find other Leazott family members contact info easily and readily.
To become a place for Leazott's to meet and keep in contact with other Leazott's easily.

Future Goals...

To insure that all Leazott's are informed of this website and made aware of its potential for family use.
To create a way for unregistered Leazott's to have the ability to upload historic pictures & documents.
To allow for as much website automation as possible in all current and future site aspects.
To continually make effort toward the access of new sharable historical registers for user benefit.
To gain webspace for all needed software downloads, messaging, images, and searchable records.

George Leazott

L for Leazott.com

Family Tree And Website

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