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Email Address Mailbox Info From Family Name Website Leazott.com

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Personal Mail boxes with your own "x"@leazott.com

You must be of a verified Leazott family name to qualify for eligibility.
If you now use a married name, that can be work also, as hyphenated names are very common.

Website registration, server space & bandwidth use cost money, plus manhours for maintaining a site.
A small cost for setup is necessary to cover each yourname@leazott.com email mailbox used.
Once payment has been received, your email address will be set up and login information sent to you.

Anytime a someone sends emails to others through the "email all" links, they will go to that address.
Contact links to persons individually, all within a state, and to all at once are preset in the contact areas.

The "email all" link is for contacting everyone at the same time about get-togethers or other news.
Each state name acts as an "email all" to those listed within that state only.
This way you can plan local get-togethers or send pictures & information by state or nationally easily.
Spamming or other illicit acts will not be tolerated.

Use it as a your preferred email account or as a redirect to your regular email address.
The people that you send emails to will only see what you send them, and your leazott.com email address.
You can access your mail through the link at the top of every page, or put a shortcut on your desktop.
As an added security measure, login names are upper & lower case specific.

If you're interested, send an email regarding your own personalized leazott.com mailbox.
Things you'll be asked for your preferences in the response:
Whether you want mail also redirected to your existing email-*Helps if just used occasionally, like relative finding.
The "name"@leazott.com you would like (Choose 3 in decending order of preference).
The name you want displayed as the link on the member list.
Other info you may want shown-(City/Town, Birthyear, etc-Other persons may see it, including web scrapers).
Any other relevant questions & information you may have. (This sounds more complicated than it actually is)

Mailbox names are on a first come/first serve basis, just like from any other email server.
Only one unique name can be allowed per emailbox.
So choose 3 names in decending order of choice when applying in case any are already taken.

(If xyz.Leazott@leazott.com is already taken, you can try xyz.Leazott-tx@leazott.com to show your state)
Another method is to include a middle initial, name or even your full name. First initial and middle name work also.
Be sure it's something significant to you of lifelong importance, so others searching will know it's you.
No names regarding hate, sexual inferences, causes or controversial topics allowed.

Registered mailbox users are listed according to state, alphabetically, and any other relevant info for fast finding.
Names are presently sorted by state for fastest finding.
Another page with alphabetical listings only may be included in the future for finding relatives of uncertain location.
To be link-listed does require a membership, and it comes with a personalized @leazott.com mailbox.

Why is all this so much more important than your everyday ISP email now?
Because, at some point in time, you know you'll change your contract servers.
At that point you'll loose all your contacts, and they'll loose you.
This way, all your contacts and other info will still be here and email ready for you.
Emergency contacts-One click can send info to all, saving you much needed time during crisis.
Also...much family info can be saved here as well.

Note that the email link pages are not on an https website.
They're made as standard http pages only (Standard protocol for most non-transactional websites-"No padlock").
There is a password and username required to access the page, but some web scammers are very resourceful.
So, due to web crawlers, email harvesters, spamming, identity thefts, etc, a "click here" link is shown for contacting.
When you click on the name link, your default email program should then bring up the program for emailing them.

A system where each member can save & share family pictures themselves will also soon be available.
Ideally this will be only in the members private area and not for outside viewing.
If anyone has a favorite web capable program, please suggest the software for the site.
Otherwise, please feel free to use the one already chosen (Links provided in member section).

Information is NOT given to any third partys.
Members may NOT collect emails for any purposes other than family oriented contact.

L for Leazott.com

Family Tree And Website

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