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Leazott Family Tree Report On Genealogy History Flowchart Pages

Family Tree Summary:                     Published Versions
29800 Individuals-11456 Families-4119 Surnames Demo Versions

Family Tree Report And Explanation...

People always want to know just how much of our family has been accounted for.
With the family tree being such a main interest of this website, a monthly count is posted here.

Relative numbers...
Individual totals combine directly and indirectly related (Inc basic members).
Surname totals include variations of our own name, plus those married into or from.

Both numbers represent the private database totals (Published totals are now counted).
Most of them are still awaiting some data collection or final verifications before publishing.
Each week more are added to the tree, and others are verified as new data becomes available.

What that means to you...
After an individuals data has been completed and confirmed, they will then be added to the postings.
Posting has started with the members of and relating to the L-Pages for connecting purposes.
Other family surnames have variations also, and are included in those numbers.

What that means for the site...
Posting connecting members is much slower, but can still be done "somewhat effieciently".
Connecting tree members gives natural flow and makes sense as you explore through the pages.
Verifying and posting members alphabetically is by far the easiest method, but frustrating to readers.

Where we go from here...
Since there is still a large amount of family yet to be accounted for, posting will be ongoing.
New member data collection is being done and a working plan is being sought.
When a reasonable approach is found, it will be implemented.
Until then, increasing family tree size is the priority.

How we get there...
Most of the lines are accounted for, and others will be found for connecting or by user requests.
The focus now is on "Phase 2"-Collecting basic historical genealogy data and documents for posting.
Numerical increases will still continue to happen while other information is being gathered.
These numbers are by no means at an end. Help us continue growing with a new line info email.

Keep in mind that these numbers include wives or husbands families married into, plus their children.
One of the main reasons for this method are as "lead-ins" for other family trees to blend into ours.
These names are essential for enabling searchers to confirm that the ancestor is linked to ours.

It's uncanny how common it is for similar name persons to have spouses with similar names as well!
By knowing parental, sibling and spousal names you can usually substantiate a person as a relative.
Birth/Death dates and places are also additional helpful information to identify relatives if known.

The Leazott Family Tree is an extensive piece of history that stretches over both time and distance.
Many hero's of the past are in our bloodline, and will come alive for a brief moment in these pages.

They are the people who forged us. Our ancestors, both great and small.
Each doing their own part to carry the seed forward from which we all grew.
The work they did to survive still benefits us in ways that make us who we are today.

These were not glorious self-absorbed frontier winners by themselves, obviously there were others!
Also included in this tree are various other families that have been married into or come into ours.
Some of them are equally as important in shaping this country's history as our own family is!

Read along each month as new branches are added to the tree.
Record the information to your own software so you'll have it to share with loved ones.

Please enjoy the new arrivals to this months added pages as well as the previous ones.
New information will be added to existing pages whenever found, so be sure to check them as well.

Using The Family Tree And Calendar Software:
The Family Calendar can be used as either month or full year style.
The Family Tree has tab choices along the top for viewing by:
Individuals, Surnames, Families, Events, Places and tabs for other genealogical research needs.
There are lettered links for alphabetized surnames as well.

Within the page itself are name links for spouse, parents, siblings, pedigree and family tree flow chart.
References in case you need to verify any of the info given (Please do, and relay any discrepancies!).
The more modern the individual, the larger the tree (Ancient ancestors have fewer predecessors).

The Family Tree And Family Calendar Are Linked To Work In Unison:
A unique feature of the software combo used here is that the calendar can be linked to the database.
Each persons birthdate shows their name on the date and is a clickable link to their Family Tree page.

In effect, viewers can systematically collect data on a daily basis to complete their tree within a year!
Almost any system can be adapted for progress whether using a daily, weekly, or monthly schedule.

Basic Linking Style...
When viewing the Family Calendar, clicking a birth (or other) date brings you to that members page.
When viewing the Family Tree, to go to the calendar, click the "Home" tab, then "Calendar".

Demo versions:
Click here to view the Demo Tree.
Click here to view the Demo Calendar.

Subscriber versions:
Click here to view the posted Family Tree.
Click here to view the posted Family Calendar.
Enjoy them both!

L for Leazott.com


Family Tree And Website

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