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Games To Help You Learn About The Leazott Family Heritage

Below are some links to various games for some fun while learning a bit about our hereitage.
Each link will open in a new window so you can stay on this page while you play the games.

More games will be added as ideas and time allow. Suggest something if you like!
Future "games" planned are for word search, crossword puzles and quiz's relating to family.

More game software is available in the games section of the downloads page.
Available for Windows, Linux, Mac and possibly others.
They are the same game layouts as printable vesions, but are for online interactive playing.

Print them out for the younger ones to play and learn!
Have fun, enjoy and discover something new!

Some have wordlist clues, some do not.                  Maximum eight crosswords.
Zip files can add or hide them.                               jpeg for printouts/zip for emailing.

L for Leazott.com

Word Searches
Highlight the letters

La Zotts (PDF)
La Zotts (Zip File)
These are just a few of our surname variations.
It's changed spelling many times over the years.

Jobber (PDF)
Jobber (Zip File)
A dozen jobs we've had through the years.
All are still current as well as old.

First States (PDF)
First States (Zip File)
Some of the places our ancesters moved to.
These were just the first 20 to fit the puzzle.

Research (PDF)
Research (Zip File)
A list of places to go for help in finding info!
Simple reminders of where to look!

Toolbag (PDF)
Toolbag (Zip File)
Items to help organize and keep it simple.
Inexpensive and always ready!

Battle Stars (PDF)
Battle Stars (Zip File)
Wars our names have been seen in.
Some in a huge way, some in small ways.

Fill in the blanks.

Connect The Zotts (jpeg)
Connect The Zotts (Zip File)
Top eight spellings all linked together.
Vowel hints and deductive reasoning.


Family Tree And Website

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