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Hello!! Welcome To The Leazott.com Website!!

As you probably already know, the surname Leazott is not very common-ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD.
So we're all more closely related than you realize! Yay!

Or is it in reality, much more common than you might think!?
Many may feel that it's a small line drawn through time, or an just an offshoot of the mainstream line.
Well, historically speaking, neither and both are true at the same time!
Any family elder that has done the genealogy past 100 years will tell you that it's a VERY tangled web!

The spelling has had MANY VARIATIONS through time-And even several at once within single families!
So no matter how you spell your particular brand, it's pretty much a guarantee that we're all related!
Read The Family Tree Report and you'll see just how closely that really is!

Here's some of the common and not so common spellings...
Lizotte, Lezotte and Lazotte are fairly well known, as are the shorter versions Lizott, Lezott and Lazott.
Leazotte, Leagotte and Leavott have been used and shortened to Leagott, Legott, and Leavitt as well.
Some that didn't spread widely were Lizzotte, Lozott, Luzott, Lozeautt (Possibly later became Lozeau).

These all came after the earlier versions like Lizot, Lizott, Lisot, Lisott and Lissott... Or did they?
People have been found with latter spellings that were actually being used earlier than the "originals"!

There may have been many reasons for these changes.
Answers as to why for each change cannot be found easily, and may have even be multiple for some.

Records show many changes within each generation, but just when and why did they stop changing?
The answer is fairly obvious and abrupt.... And it wasn't just within our family.
A global craze was happening, and there was nothing anyone could do to stop it.
But more on that topic can be found in the Genealogy 101 Lessons.

What Next?
Now that you've discovered this site...
The first thing to do, is to send a link out to other family members.
Use the Sharelinks at the left to send by email or social media-(Click share for more social options).
With more awareness about the site, a better understanding of our genealogy can be built.
You'd be surprised at how many people are interested in their ancestors when you share this!

Then, start reading the Monthly Newsletter often!!
Every month there's news about the website progress and advancements, new pages and more.
There's helpful info and tips on family tree genealogy, downloads, and other regular sections.
Packed with info-blurbs and links to the newest website items. The most helpful page on the site!

Explore the site! There's drop-down tabs along the top and some important quicklinks on the right!
Be sure to see the Demo Family Tree & Calendar, Census CD Offers, and Personalized eMail Accounts!

A Place For All Spellings To Come Together!
Why? Because believe it or not, we're all related. The family tree proves it beyond any doubt.
So come read, learn and join! More pictures and stories make for a more knowledgable family!
New input is always welcome, so share those old photo's with more family!
Start here.

Site Mission Synopsis & Goals
This primary purpose of this website is to promote family tree knowledge to all of our bloodline.
Site guidance is toward providing a centralized place of information about our genealogy and history.

The delivery and exchange of information, photos and documents will be made easily available for all.
To make as many useful geanealogy products & services available to family tree members as possible.
Methods of electronic delivery and package shipments may change as new technologies emerge.

The second focus is to aid in the interaction of family members regardless of distances between them.
To connect all family tree members to information that can better their knowledge of our history.

A third goal is to find out when and where each of the major changes in spelling occurred.
This goal may take the longest to achieve, as there is no way of telling aforehand where to look.
It means branching out dramatically at each level until a change is found-or appears to be futile.
Still, it means that at least more family will be included in the tree even the changes are not found.

The goal of sharing is to be at as low of a cost as can reasonably be expected in order to serve many.
Newsletters and games are used to convey genealogy, history and website advancements for all ages.

Why This Website Instead Of Other Geneology Sites?
Unlike other sites, this one is run by family members for the purpose of family oriented connections.

This site offers you e-mailboxes with an @Leazott.com address---How cool is that!!??---Be honest.
That's about the best intro as you'll ever get when sending an email to friends or for business needs.
Yes, your hyphenated to married name is fine too.

When others search for Leazott, this website with real people in it will come up. Not just a database.
The links listed here that others will find when searching will not only be active as long as you desire,
But also have the group listings for them to seek out long after each of us have passed away.
It just makes sense to group like things together. Even people.

As a family member, your input suggestions are taken more seriously as to which direction we take.
Needs change, so as the website grows, we can have idea input that's geared more for our family.

Wouldn't it be nice if one place contained information about its own family name members?
Just one instead of multiple sites having only partial information because some join this or that site.
Discovering my grandfathers birth certificate, only to be denied access due to high monthly fees was...
Exasperating to say the least. Surely there's got to be a better way?

Geneology sites are fun, but they eventually want to sell you something, or to sell your personal info.
Information here isn't willingly shared to 3rd party or non-members as is done at other sites.
Member pages are password protected, and the links contained are minimum descriptors.
Email address descriptors are hover or point & click as added security against spammers and scrapers.
There are no "overt" email addresses anywhere on this site for robot or spider software to find.
All that isn't a guarantee, but it is a good first line of defense against hackers looking for addresses.

Some Of The Ideas Being Put In Place:
Pictures for all to share...
Geneology history...
Contact info...
Blog for news sharing, pictures, etc...
Email boxes and redirects from @leazott.com...
Deceased log for those still searching...
General use and info for all.

Obviously there is a long way to go in building the pages that will be useful to us.
The website is being worked on daily, and any user input will be appreciated.

Pass the word to other family members about this site, so that all can contribute!
Everyone brings something to the table, and the feast will be better for it all!
You can help by Taking the survey

Please feel free to read the newsletter or send an email with your ideas for the site.
Looking forward to meeting you all!

Thanks for reading!




L for Leazott.com

Family Tree And Website

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