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Leazott Holiday Family Tree Open Access Links Information Page

Here's a list of scheduled days for open access.
January   February   March   April   May   June   July   August   September   October   November   December

The Family Tree is open during family get-together style holidays.

Generally, these are the websites highest traffic days of the year.
Hopefully users will see the value in supporting a full-time tree.

The "Holiday Tree" will be added to the website before each event.
Elders can then explain to younger family who the people in it are.

If interested, please send an email with info about your branch.
Effort will be made to post members that are in that direction.

The exact start date for the Holiday Tree project is still uncertain.
The plan is to begin on the holiday following subject readyness.

Users can also have some imput as to which tree is posted.
Smaller but verified, versus larger but unverified.
Cast your vote for your preferred tree here!

This page can be accessed through the dropdown menu.
Genealogy/Holiday Family Tree

Click Here For Access
^Early Birds!^

Here Between Holidays?
See The Family Tree Report Page

Current Posting Preview!
Click to see the current postings list
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Family Tree And Website

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