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Genealogy Research Services: w/Document Images & Software CD

Family Tree Genealogy Research Services.
Specializing in US and Canadian ancestry lines.

Starting point with persons born in 1939 to present.
Most lines followed to approximately 1550/1600 if desired.

Start with one ancestor if you like (More if you prefer).
Add more each week - 10% discount for multi-purchases.

First Time Buyer Bonuses!
Family Tree Software On CD and Website Tree Access!

Return Customer Bonuses!
Future Research Discounts! Emailed/Import To The Software!

Genealogy/Lineage Research Services
Genealogy/Lineage Research Services
Price shown is for one ancestor per generation.
Choose up to twelve generation purchases.
Undiscovered ancestor levels returned.

Census Research
Birth/Death/Burial Research
Other Reseach Types Done If Available

Bonuses from ad description included/Same price.
Choose First-Time/Return-Customer bonuses below.

Price shown below includes mandatory tax.

$ 74.16 Add

Send eMail/Electronic Payments or US Postal Money Orders.
Google Pay/MasterCard or WalMart/AmEx

Use the purchase block at the upper right to buy research.
Choose Paternal/Maternal line, then alternate future purchases!

Use the email form on the right to start the process.
This defines the starting person by their known decendants.
Their file will be added to the CD for importing to the software.

Initial Purchase:
Covers the subject and decendants from 1939 to present.
The subject is where document images will begin.

Additional/Subsequent Purchases:
(Whether now or future) begins acendants.
Future purchases will start from any of the previous.

How It's Done Here....

A flat rate fee per-person/subject for as many or few as you decide.
You can start with a few if desired, then add more later.
It's also possible to continue work yourself!

Document copy fees are separate (If any/Buyers discretion).
Most people are fully satisfied with or prefer the original official document images.
Additionally, you should be aware that modern "document reprints" are not the same as yesteryears.

What makes this site different from others?

What's Included...
Standard information types usually available include: (These are examples/Sometimes not available)
Birth/Death/Burial information
Census information
Marriage records
Military records
Sometimes more...

Images of any original documents found will be saved and included for your future printing/framing.
These can provide good visuals/immediate-verification and are suitable for print later if desired!
Information found simply as reported data for each person is also added to the included CD.

Family Tree Software CD Included (Provide Your Operating System Type For Match).
All findings are placed onto same CD for your convienience and startup to build on if so desired.

Note that the software provided can also be used to publish your own tree to the web/internet!
It can provide numerous types of reports on each person at a mouseclick (The "reports" some places refer to).

The Process...
Decide if you want to follow paternal Father/Surname) or maternal (Mother/Mitochondrial DNA).

You choose the starting subject person (Born between 1939 and now).
Define the decendants of that person (For confirming that we are each at the same person).

Comparisons to be certain we are begining with the correct person (Many same name/Same town exist!).
After all relevant information for the above persons is collected, focusing on the ancestors begins!

The Work...
There are slightly different approaches to following maternal or paternal directions.
While following a father to father line is fairly straightforward, maternal lines cross many surnames.

The cost for each is the same, but maternal lines take longer to construct due to cross-referencing.
Their usage however has far more impact on modern day lives than thier counterparts do.

Why Is It Done This Way?...
This is the best method found in order to give you the fastest look at your own genealogy!
While breaking through with the initial forging of the main line, it still affords you the ability to expand!

You can then expand at any generation level.
Simply purchase more research, or conduct it yourself!

By exploring the work already done, you'll have a better understanding of how to perform it yourself!
Best of all, the CD provided also acts as your "Backup", so if you feel you err'ed, simply re-install!

If you prefer to return here for more research services, using the CD makes it clear where you wish to begin.
There is no "further defining" in order to bring us to the same person--We're both already there!

What Is Not Done Here...
DNA Testing seems to be sweeping the country (Or world).
While very useful, there is so much more to it than can be accurately measured here.
Though many tests can (Probably) give high accuracy, the interpretation of these reuslt is important as well.

DNA research is much like tracing a lineage of names.
If even one person is the wrong result, then everything prior to that is wrong as well.

In DNA readings, this can lead to a totaly different area of migration history.
The standard advice given here is to "Research Your Researcher" - Including DNA Testers.

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