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Restoring Family Photos By Scanning Old Film Negative And Slide Sizes

This is a new idea currently being worked on.
You may still order while we work!

This Page Is For For Film Negative And Slide Scanning
For Photo Restorations Click Here

Photographic Film Negatives & Slides Digitised-See Options
Photographic Film Negatives & Slides Digitised-See Options

Neg/Slide Cleansing Up To 100 Individual Or 1000 Strip Form
Option 1 = 100 Film Negatives Digitised And Emailed
Option 2 = 100 Slides Digitised And Emailed
Option 3 = Micro SD Card (High Res)
Option 4 = USB Stick (High Res)
Option 5 = CD(s) (jpeg)

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Choose Items From The Dropdown Menu Below.
10% Discount For Multiple Sames.

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Prints/Portfolio-Using Your Scans












Prints-Using Your Scans






Scanning/CD (No Prints)


Bulk Order Discounts

Photo, Negative & Slide Scanning Available For Most Older Film Sizes

High-Resolution-Scanning (HRS) and Wide-Format (WF) print services offers in several lot sizes.
8mm, 110, 126, 127, 35mm, 616, 828, 122, 120 220 620, Kodak Disc, ViewMaster Disk, APS and Minox.

Get enlargements from photos, slides and negatives delivered to your home, office or P.O. Box.
Low cost high resolution scanning service is offered for those without the ability at home.

Scans done here are saved at high quality dpi settings in several formats.
Images are then able to be enlarged for prints up to approximately 17" x 22" without distortion.
A CD of the saved images is included with most packages listed (It will be shipped with the ordered prints).

Some photos cannot be enlarged to 17 inch due to their configurations.
For example: a "square" photograph reaches its 11 inch edge before the sides do.
Elongating the sides would distort the image, so alternative orientation methods may then used.

Images will be sized to their maximum ability, then centered on the 11x17 photo paper.
Some buyers prefer an open area to one side or the other for notational or scrapbooking effects.
If you prefer a left or right/top or bottom image placement it must be described in the notes at checkout.

Poor quality images leave little room for improvement.
Choose photos/negatives/slides that are clear and crisp to start with.
Blurry starts make for poorer endings. Photo repair or restoration is not included unless stated.

A Word About Using Your Own Scans...
While your own scanned images can be used, the equipment, software and care used here are worth considering.
You can still choose print services from several available package types and sizes to fit your needs or budget.

There are many reasons for restoring or displaying oldtime photo's.
Whatever your reason is, it's important.

How you go about it is important as well.
Digitising your family photos and records can help to preserve them!

The Problem...

As you may have encountered...
Local print services are not what they seem.

Your digital or printed images as well as their history are important.
They should be given the respect and treatment they deserve.
Their care and handling is a direct reflection of that.

Marketing techniques and service quality are very different things.
Offering large format prints evolved after my own expieriences.
Those things happen so often, that this service was started.

So then you try...
Finding someone online to perform the work.
Many vendors simply "farm-out" the work to others.
Prices also vary widely, and the quality can be uncertain.

As if those things weren't bad enough, there's also...
Trusting precious film to stores with "student-employees".
Your local "drop-off" likely sends film elsewhere for developing.
Lost photos happen, but risking heritage isn't a part of the process.

If you've ever lost photos...
You'll understand.

The Solution...

Greater Care...
Genealogy pictorals should be handled by interested persons.
Their historical importance cannot be over-stressed.

Work Habits:
Photos, slides and negatives from only one customer at a time.
At no time are multi customer photo's allowed to "mingle".
This means each one is kept sealed until their turn.

Individual Care...
Increased care during setup, presentation and handling is critical.
Handle all photos with gloves to avoid any acid fingerprints.
Uniformity of document sizes should be premier.

Personalized Choices...
Your specific purpose determines left-right-center orientation.
Center photos for framing, or left/right for scrapbooking.
Paper choices: Glossy for shine or matte for details.

Better Value...
Large Format Prints
Pre-Scan Dust Cleanse
High Resolution Scanning
Alignment Choice/Scrapbooking
CD Backup With All Scans Included
Elegant Portfolio For Storage & Viewing.

Quality Professional Service.
All This At Lower Prices Than Chain Stores!

How It Works...
Send images in any format for printing.

They'll be scanned, reprinted and safely saved to CD.
The originals and the new prints will ship to your payment address.

Other Bundle Types Available...
High-resolution photo scanning for negatives, slides and photos.

Digitised on CD format for your own reproduction printing.
Print only, scan only, with prints or add a portfolio.

The Process... (For Those That Are Interested)
Click to open in a smaller windowbox

The Shipping... (Some Things To Know)
Click to open in a smaller windowbox

Other/Optional Services:

Image Cleansing Solutions...
At the buyers discretion, the film negative(s) and/or slide(s) surface will be cleaned with an emulsion cleanser.
Flat rate for each order form up to 100 individual negatives or slides or 1000 negatives in strip form.

Photo Restoration Services...
Restoration and enhacement services are offered separately, but are not included in the offers noted above.
Document or photograph high-res-scans for digitising/restoration in standard size 11.69" x 17" and below.

There's a discount shown for each additional order for printing or scanning after the first (Same item only).
For bulk discount orders (Family Albums, Multi-Film Rolls, Slide Collections, etc) send an email.
"Multi-Lots" must be paid by and shipped to only one person (Not dispersable).

Signup at any of the online methods below for fast payments, or send a USPS money order by mail.
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Alternative Payment Methods

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