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Leazott.com Member Email Addresses For Personal Use

This page is still under construction.

Purchase page for leazott.com mailboxes.
Purchasing through the link works, though it is not finished.
If you need more help, send an email and it will be answered.
Cost is $240.00 USD/yr with access to the posted family tree.
Subject to change without notice as necessary to cover costs.

Email Address With Redirect
Email Address With Redirect

Email Mailbox
1 Year Term
$ 255.00 Add

The notes section of checkout can be used for:
Info about your mailbox & member listings.
1) eMail name@leazott.com desired (3 decending)
2) Your name to show in state listings
3) Your street/city in state listings (If desired)
4) Any other information you'd like to show
Or use this form. (Advised-At least read the page first)
This information will be seen in the members area.

Terms & conditions apply to this purchase.
Click here to review these terms.

Register below for electronic payments.
Thank you.

Everyone has a good reason for wanting to have their own name.com email address...
Whether as a fun add on, a simple effective who's it from answer, or even to appear more official in business.
Even if just as a registration for geneology sites so emails always get re-directed to you when changing ISP's.

The reason these are offered only to Leazott's, is for geneology & family connecting to be readily available.
We can at least then know we have a place to go for more immediate answers to our geneological questions.

For instance, suppose you wanted to know about an uncles burial place...
Sending an email to a known relative can get you the answer fast.
Whereas, ancestor sites may store much info, but rely on others to pay a high monthly fee for their membership.
Plus, you may have to wait months for another family member to join and add info.

Our family. Our website.

Signup at any of the online methods below for fast payments, or send a USPS money order by mail.
  Google Wallet     WalMart BlueBird      DWOLLA Checking     USPS Money Order

Email Alternatives To Credit And Debit Card Payment Methods

Family Tree And Website

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