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Thanks for considering a donation to the family website!
It helps the monthly Newsletters, Family Tree and much more!

Each month, more family history is made available for viewing.
The goal is to spread genealogy knowledge to all Leazott's.
Help this site continue working for our next generation.

Click here to send an email if you would like to become a sponsor!

Help Donations For Leazott.com $1 Increments
Help Donations For Leazott.com $1 Increments

Website & Research Help Donation
Helps toward monthly fees and purchases.

Needed Help Examples:
Webspace, software and equipment.
Cemetery Visits and Town Hall Costs.

Help with a no-frills budget.
There's electricity costs and heat.
Plus there's the physical space needs.

Help Keep Leazott.com running
$ 1.06 Add

Send your electronic payments instantly, and for free by email.
Google/MasterCard, WalMart/AmEx, DWOLLA/Checking
Thank you.

Hover here to see the goals your donation can help achieve.
Increase the amount to whatever you wish to send.
Any donation helps!

There are other ways you can help to support this site besides cash donations.
Photo's-Memorabilia-Documents-Files-Etc are all very welcome items as well!
And please notify nursing homes of elders as well so their history is not lost!

Click to send an email until a "checkout" can be made for mailing labels.


Signup at any of the online methods below for fast payments, or send a USPS money order by mail.
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Alternative Payment Methods

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