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Leazott.com Family History Tree & Website Demo Links Page

Join Us > Demo's

Here are some quick links to website demo's from a single page.
Each of these links will open in a seperate window.
(This page stays open for viewing other demos without leaving)

More will be added as necessary for demonstration purposes.
Suggest one here if you'd like to see other helpful types added.

The census HQ Demo (1790 North Carolina) requires a jp2 viewer.
Many software titles use their own design, and will work fine.
If you have one, your computer will most likely choose it for you.
They're also available free in the downloads section after joining.
Or see a standard census screenshot jpeg view without controls.

The email section demos are simple screenshots for viewing.
If possible, at some point an interactive one will be posted.

The demo calendar is active with minor data added for viewing.
The charcters though fictitious, are needed to show functions.
More data will be added over time to show it's full options.
Calendar shown as reference only for future family tree plans.

Demo-Email Control Panel
Up and Running!

Demo-Census Picture
Up and Running!

Demo-Family Tree
Up and Running!

Demo-Family Tree Map
Up and Running!

Demo-Family Calendar
Up and Running!

L for Leazott.com

Family Tree And Website

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