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Screen Shot Photo Views Of eMail Control Panel Functions

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Welcome To The eMail Screenshot Demo's!

Below is some basic information about the email system for Leazott.com

There are some screenshots of the pages to help understand.
It's much more elaborate in function than the usual ISP designs.
Far more features & controls than the average user normally sees.

Just as a few examples...
In the "Organizing" section, in addition to an address book, it has a calendar.
The calendar displays in day, workweek, standard week, month and year formats.
Clicking on any one of them brings up an "Add Event" page that you can customize.

The "Add Event" section has more details below the ones shown in the screen shot.
Adding an event locks it into any of the time formats chosen to view.
It also has a "Search" feature to allow the user to look for scheduled events.
It searches the past 24 hours and forward through the future for any listed event.

It has additional sections for mobil mail, notes and tasks as well.

There's also a "Filters" section.
This allows you to create certain rules for receiving emails.
You can block emails by name, size and several other ways.

The system itself allows up to an 8mb maximum file attachment for sending emails!
That's huge for an email!-Compare to a standard .05mb to 1mb for most ISP's!

This actually is a nice program in and of itself.
It allows more customizing than seen on many big-name ISP's.
Well worth getting to know and using as your everyday email account.

To start the slideshow below, move your mouse over the photo and click the arrow.
View one at a time and study them, or just let the show run it's sequence.

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