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US Census Enumeration Record CD's-Family Tree Genealogy History

Welcome To The Census Links Page!
Censuses are listed by years and state for better organization.
The list is shown in full year sizes for informational and technical purposes.
Each page is viewable individually for lower system requirements on your computer.

Verifying data is of prime importance to any genealogy project.
Having your own set is always the best way to verify your finds.

Starting on the oldest first (1790), and moving systematically toward the newer ones.
Many scattered ones have also been saved to disc as well due to family tree building.

Categorized by year and state in zipped folders, with single page document browsing.
Pages are viewed individually, so computers with low memory can still open them.
They have excellent clarity at magnification while keeping resource requirements low.

Click on the shopping carriage to see any multiyear combination packages.
See the individual years descriptions and purchase pages on the right also.

All files are on CD. Other media types available at additional cost.
Thumb/Flash Drives, and SD/SDHC Memory Cards for easier storing and transfers.
USB hard drives are not offered due to user hardware/software compatability issues.
Offered on disc media only due to bandwidth usage being far too much for downloads.

Download the viewer for jpx/jp2000 files if you don't already have one (Included).
This is a basic jp2 document viewer. Not for bulk editing (One click/complete folder).
Editing single pictures can yield very high quality images that standard viewers can open.
Compatable with IE 8-9-10-11, Chrome 27 & Firefox 21. Downloads for both Mac & PC.

Click here to see an original 1790 US Census Document!
Click the photo to enlarge. The clarity at magnification is remarkable.
Right click for more easy to use mouse controlled zoom and pan options.
This is a much faster interpretation of what these files are than by reading a description.
All pages are from books categorized by year, state, county and town.
So the more info you already know, the easier it is to find a person as they're listed.

These are not like the standard jpeg files or viewers like you've probably seen before.
They are built to hold their clarity at much higher enlargement rates than other formats.
If you would like to recomend another jp2 file editor or viewer, send an email.

Click the "Links" tab for a look at all selections (Sets are available by year or by state).
These are not index files, so there is no search feature. It's all done manually-Old School!
They are photographs of actual handwritten, census data for every American enumerated.
Shown precisely as recorded, it is a visual record of historical data, not a database.

The search for your ancestor genealogy is not as daunting as it might appear to you.
More than likely you didn't arrive at this page blindly and without cause.
You already know something about the person you might be searching for.
Mostly, with data like this, we look for verification to what we feel we already know.

With these pages, the more information you know, the easier it will be for you to find that.
The file numbers listed relate to the microdata reels the information is stored on.
That will not affect your seach, as it's not relative except to identify the states on them.
It's simply a way of identifying and cataloging the files for storage.

Narrow and filter your search by year first, then state, then county, then city or town.
Look at each recorded name and family member to see which may match your quest.
Remember to look for clues in pronunciations along with the spelling.

Keep in mind, the records were made by humans, so there are bound to be some errors.
But they are the Official US Census Records.
Sometimes, previous transcribers may have erred in their spelling of first or last names.
Don't discount a name as not who you're looking for just because it's spelled differently.
Be aware of things like age, other household members, area location, timeframe, etc.

Also, if a person isn't listed at all, that also doesn't mean anything certain either.
Not everyone co-operated with the census long ago.
Even in modern times, governments force people to comply, for a more accurate count.

After a bit of searching, you'll get the hang of it and become better.
Knowing what to look for and what not to waste your time on are a skill you can develop.

Also, getting used to the old-time fancy script penmanship may take some doing.
FYI-That fancy script accounts for a LOT of name-changining.
Much of that only happened on the transcripts, not in everyday real life.
Remember, just because a name is spelled a certain way on the census...
Doesn't mean that it will be spelled that same way on any other types of certificates.

Standard typewritten versions are also available if the authentic versions are not needed.
Obviously easier to read, but you have to trust the transcribers interpretation of the script.
They are the official version, but no accuracy is guaranteed or implied with them.
They are non-searchable, in PDF format, Send an email if you're interested in that style.

Good luck, and have fun!

L for Leazott.com

Available On CD, Flashdrive, SDHD Memory Card
Print Your History!

Install viewer to see a demo

US Census

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xxxx Files
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US Census

xxxx Files
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US Census

xxxx Files
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US Census

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US Census

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US Census

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