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Leazott.com Monthly Census Download Progress Report Page

Welcome To The Census Report Page!

Users sometimes ask about areas such as census downloads progress, search methods, ideas, etc.
This page is intended for them to use as insight for that important census file information.

Since aquiring the additional disc space necessary for storage, transfers have resumed.
They're approaced in a mostly chronological order, with some diversity wherever needed.
Progression is focused, deliberate, steadfast and orderly. It will remain a priority endeavor.

Verifying data is of prime importance to any size genealogy project.
Having your own census file sets is always the best way to verify your finds.

US Population Census Compilations:
Updated: 2017 05 17
1790       1830       1870       1910       1950
1800       1840       1880       1920       1960
1810       1850       1890       1930       1970
1820       1860       1900       1940       1980

Some partials have also been saved from other years while working on the family tree.
They come from various years and states done in order to track certain ancestors.

Storage & Availability
The realization of just how much space these files consume happened fairly soon.
The project design takes up much more space than any single computer can hold.
Most transfers had to be put on hold until a larger storage space could be had.

Though most people are only saving selective files, this site needs to accomodate more.
The goal here is to have as much information as possible available to many interests.
So larger storage was aquired.

File Use & Searching
It's important to realize that this is not an automated database search.
It is a manual search for document photographs.

The basic differences:
A database contains surnames, towns, city, etc with each typed into a document.
When you type a request, anything matching your query is returned in a list form.

Hence, it is possible to look for an unknown ancestor simply by typing in a surname.
Many people use this type of database and are quite satisfied with it for the most part.
You must realize however, it adds yet another persons interpretation of the original document.

In using these files however...
You'll instantly realize that you're looking directly into history, just as it actually happened!
These are not someones "re-typing" of a form with typos that misguide or omit important data.
They are photographs of the actual original handwritten documents as they were transcribed.
The early ones were performed at local town offices, then later were written from door-to-door.

Still one of the very best verification methods available anywhere.--Why is this important?
These are photographs of the original data as it was taken directly from citizens mouths.
Databases are someones interpretation as they entered information into the database.

A word about surname spellings...

Beginners tend to forget that the exacting nature of computers wasn't always how things were.
Varying degrees of literate persons transcribed the information for censuses since first recorded.

Throughout these censuses and history in general, there are many variations of our surname.
The exact reasons for so many are unclear, and can only be speculated upon, but many exist.
Some may be due to accents in pronunciation, spelling ability of the transcriber, hearing, etc.

Arranged For Low System Requirements
Categorized by year and state in zipped folders, with single page document browsing.
Some states folders have multiple counties while others are only a part of a single county.
As counties grow, more pages in subsequent years result, and digital space must also grow.

Pages are each viewed individually, so older computers with low memory can still open them.
Lower computer system requirements also allow for more programs to be used simultaneously.

Use requires the installation of the included viewer.
It is capable of excellent clarity at higher magnifications.

Other Information Of Common Interest:
Below are some information areas that are described in detail on other website pages.
Take some time to explore them to familiarize yourself before purchasing the CD's.

Searching for document images may seem overwhelming, but is actually easy.
Instructions on how to use the CD's effieciently to find a given census quickly.
Easy common sense methods. The more you already know, the faster it goes.

More projects that you can put these CD's to use for besides their normal intent.
Ways to help your young ones as well as older learn or remember their heritage.
Ideas that are simple and help get the most use from these census photographs.

Click on the shopping carriage to see any multiyear combination packages.
See the individual years descriptions and purchase pages on the right also.
Link flow brings you to the purchase page for your eventual CD of choice.

Emailed to member accounts. Other media types available for additional costs.
Thumb/Flash Drives, and SD/SDHC Memory Cards for easier storing and transfers.
USB hard drives are not offered due to user hardware/software compatability issues.
Offered on disc media only due to bandwidth usage being far too much for downloads.

Download the viewer for jpx/jp2000 files if you don't already have one (Included).
This is a basic jp2 document viewer. Not for bulk editing (One click/complete folder).
Editing single pictures can yield very high quality images that standard viewers can open.
Compatable with IE 8-9-10-11, Chrome 27 & Firefox 21. Downloads for both Mac & PC.

Click "Demos" to see an original 1790 US Census Document!
Click the photo to enlarge. The clarity at magnification is remarkable.
Right click for more easy to use mouse controlled zoom and pan options.
This is a much faster interpretation of what these files are than by reading a description.
All pages are from books categorized by year, state, county and town.
So the more info you already know, the easier it is to find a person as they're listed.

These are not like the standard jpeg files or viewers like you've probably seen before.
They are built to hold their clarity at much higher enlargement rates than other formats.
If you would like to ask about or recomend another jp2 file editor or viewer, send an email.

Click the "Links" tab for a look at all selections (Sets are available by year or by state).
These are not index files, so there is no search feature. It's all done manually-Old School!
They are photographs of actual handwritten, census data for every American enumerated.
Shown precisely as recorded, it is a visual record of historical data, not a database.

Standard typewritten versions are also available if the authentic versions are not needed.
Obviously easier to read, but you have to trust the transcribers interpretation of the script.
They are the official version, but no accuracy is guaranteed or implied with them.
They are non-searchable, in PDF format, if you're interested in that style send an email.

L for Leazott.com

New Section Being Developed!
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