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Genealogy 101 Lessons-Link Page To All Previous Monthly Issues

Welcome to Genealogy 101!

Here you'll find links to the current and past monthly genealogy help lessons for building a family tree.
Unlinked lessons show what's planned in future lessons (Though they're always subject to change).

These are packed with step-by-step, easy to follow methods, tips, tricks and advice for all to use!
Important information for the learning stages and leading you toward deeper levels of research.
There's nothing costly or difficult about them. Just common sense, expierience and hindsight.

Whether you're a genealogy entrepreneur or a seasoned veteran, you'll appreciate these topics!!
They're all just natural hurdles and milestone markers for each genealogist to pass.
Need one of these now, or something else added? Suggest A Topic!

Genealogy: Described as a line of descent traced continuously from an ancestor.

For the most part, there is very little that can be done do to improve any original documents found.
What can be improved upon, is the knowledge of those who will leave documents for the future.
G. Leazott III

L for Leazott.com

Planned/Upcoming Topics

1950 Census Release Date
Free Research-Unbound (Not No Cost)

Tombstones: It's All Etched In Stone!
Putting The Fun Back Into Funeral!
Grave Problems-Can'ya Dig It?

Branching Out And Going Places
Make Contact-Connecting The Dots

What's Your Rush?
Retirement And 72 Years Of Hidden Data
How To Save Information To The Internet

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